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Vol 4 (2016) A Circuit Device of Detecting the Bearing Deflection Abstract   PDF
Chien-Yu Lu, Shuai-Feng Lin, Alvin Chang
Vol 1 (2015) A critical review into the evolution of Japanese Project Management: A comparative approach Abstract   PDF
Foon Siang Low, Heap Yih Chong
Vol 7 (2017) A Designed Enclosure Unit for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Abstract   PDF
Arayan Wongniyom, Jyh-Jian Chen
Vol 8 (2018) A Direct Lyapunov-Backstepping Approach for Stabilizing Gantry Systems with Flexible Cable Abstract   PDF
T. L. Nguyen, M. D. Duong, T. H. Do
Vol 3 (2016) A Fast Anticollision Algorithm with Early Adjustment of Frame Length for the EPCglobal UHF Class-1 Generation-2 RFID Standard Abstract   PDF
Wen-Tzu Chen
Vol 2 (2016) A Low-cost Design of Earthquake Detector with Rescue Message Deliver using Mobile Device Abstract   PDF
Chuen-Ching Wang, Gi-Hong Wei
Vol 6 (2017) A Study on the Burn Pattern Experiments in Structure Fire Abstract   PDF
Gi-Dong Song, Man-Sung Hur, Hyun-Joo Lee
Vol 1 (2015) A Study on the Mode of Introducing Independent Maintenance into Traditional Industries That Rely on Manual Work Abstract   PDF
Chi-Chih Shen
Vol 4 (2016) A Way to Introduce Innovative Approach in the Field of Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies in the Chinese Education System Abstract   PDF
Olivier Bonnaud, Lei Wei
Vol 3 (2016) A Wireless Sensor Network-Speech Recognition Scheme Using Deployments of Multiple Kinect Microphone Array-Sensors Abstract   PDF
Ing-Jr Ding, Shih-Kai Lin
Vol 4 (2016) Advertisement-Click Prediction Based on Mobile Big Data from HyXen AdLocus Abstract   PDF
Yu-Xiang Fei, Ji-Ying Chen, Shih-Hau Fang, Yu Tsao, Jen-Wei Huang, Bo-Wei Liang
Vol 1 (2015) An ACO-based Routing Algorithm for Multimedia CDN Networks Abstract   PDF
Jian-Bo Chen, Yui-Lin Wang
Vol 1 (2015) An Analysis of Managing Sustainable Competitiveness for Semiconductor Manufacturers Abstract   PDF
Hung-Chi Hsiao, Taketoshi Hibiya, Masaru Nakano, Yih-Lin Cheng, Hung-Ching Wen
Vol 8 (2018) An Intelligent Manufacturing System for Injection Molding Abstract   PDF
Wen-Chin Chen, Manh-Hung Nguyen, Pei-Hao Tai
Vol 6 (2017) Analysis of the Correlation between the Support Performance of Supported Business for the Regional Industry Abstract   PDF
Dong-Gu Lee, Je-Doo Ryu, Keon-Seok Nam, Kyoung-Nam Ha
Vol 6 (2017) Angular Velocity Analysis of an Epicyclic Gear Train Using Fundamental Circuits and a Block Diagram Abstract   PDF
Yi-Chang Wu, Mi-Ching Tsai
Vol 5 (2017) Application of Serious Game Model on Simulation Training for Decision Makings of Project Management Abstract   PDF
Hung-Ming Chen, Kai-Wei Wei
Vol 5 (2017) Applications of Thermal Images for Monitoring Surficial Temperature Changes of Naked Slope Abstract   PDF
Chien-Yuan Chen
Vol 8 (2018) Applying Project Management Perspective for ERP Implementation: A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Li-Man Liao, Ching-Jen Huang, Xiang-Yu Lin
Vol 3 (2016) Behavioural Assessment of Blood-Brain Barrier Opening Induced by Various Ultrasound Parameters Abstract   PDF
Feng-Yi Yang, Sheng-Fang Huang
Vol 4 (2016) Bending Resistance Capacity of Steel Pile Caps Strengthened with Perfobond Shear Connectors Abstract   PDF
Dae-Jin Kim, Young-Ho Kim
Vol 5 (2017) Causal Relationships among Factors Affecting the Buildability in Executing Construction Projects in Vietnam Abstract   PDF
Hai Pham, Soo-Yong Kim, Truong-Van Luu, Phu-Son Lam
Vol 6 (2017) Coal Fired Power Plant with Chemical Looping Combustion Abstract   PDF
Gajanan Dattarao Surywanshi, Venkata Suresh Patnaikuni
Vol 2 (2016) Color Stability Enhancement of White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Using a Charge Control Layer Abstract   PDF
Shui-Hsiang Su, Yu-Cheng Lin, Meiso Yokoyama
Vol 2 (2016) Combustion Synthesis of Mullite/Metal Boride Composites Abstract   PDF
Chun-Liang Yeh, Chi-Chian Chou, Che-Han Kang
Vol 8 (2018) Comparative Analysis of Performance of R600a and R510a Refrigerants in a Retrofitted Refrigerating System Abstract   PDF
Babatunde Emmanuel Olatunbosun, Francis Olusesi Borokinni
Vol 1 (2015) Credit Card Risk Assessment Using Artificial Neural Networks Abstract   PDF
Hsi-Chieh Lee, Chen-Chi Yu, Tzu-Miao Lin
Vol 3 (2016) Design of Slim LED Coupler for Collimated Light Source Abstract   PDF
Chun-Hao Sun, Tun-Chien Teng
Vol 4 (2016) Earth Dam Monitoring by Using Infrared Thermography Detection Abstract   PDF
Chien-Yuan Chen, Su-Chin Chen, Kuan-Hua Chen
Vol 4 (2016) Elementary School Teachers’ Conceptions of Teaching Mathematics with Digital Game-based Teaching Abstract   PDF
Shih-Hsuan Wei, Jinn-Min Yang
Vol 2 (2016) Experimental Study of Progressive Compression Method of Resin Delivery in Liquid Composite Molding Abstract   PDF
Chih-Yuan Chang, Wei-Ru Chen
Vol 3 (2016) Experimental Study of the Crack Control of Concrete by Self-healing of Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites Synthetic Fiber Abstract   PDF
Heesup Choi, Masumi Inoue, Takechi Ai, Tomoya Nishiwaki, Myungkwan Lim, Hyeonggil Choi
Vol 2 (2016) Fire Resistant Study for Long Span Beams Made of FR 490 Steels Abstract   PDF
In-Kyu Kwon
Vol 3 (2016) Flexible Macroblock Ordering Scramble Encryption Techniques for H.264/AVC Videos Abstract   PDF
Yih-Chuan Lin, Wei-Siang Wang, Yao-Tang Chang
Vol 6 (2017) Flow Analysis of Underwater Water Jet System Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Particle Image Velocimetry Abstract   PDF
Je-Doo Ryu, Kyoung-Nam Ha, Dong-Gu Lee, Keon-Seok Nam
Vol 3 (2016) Hybrid OFDM/OOK Modulations in OCDMA Scheme for Free Space Optics Abstract   PDF
Chih-Ta Yen, Chia-Yu Liu
Vol 2 (2016) Identifying Islamic Values in The Embodiment of Makassar Traditional Houses in Barombong Coastal Abstract   PDF
Mursyid Mustafa, Ananto Yudono, Ria Wikantari, Afifah Harisah
Vol 4 (2016) Improving the Weldability of Nickel-Based Superalloy by High Frequency Vibration Abstract   PDF
Ti-Yuan Wu, Ming-Tzer Lin, Weite Wu
Vol 1 (2015) Innovation Management in Services Industries: The Impacts of Innovative Capacity and Transformative Learning Abstract   PDF
Wen-Hai Chih, Ling-Chu Huang, Tsung-Ju Yang
Vol 5 (2017) Innovative Security Technology for Optical Fiber Data Transmission Using Optical Vortex Abstract   PDF
Marek Zyczkowski, Konrad Dominik Brewczynski, Mateusz Karol
Vol 6 (2017) Intelligent Wireless Remote Control System Design for a Biped Robot Abstract   PDF
Chih-Min Lin, Chih-Hsuan Chen
Vol 5 (2017) Long-term Structural Performance of Simplified Slab System with Steel Deck-plate and SFRC Abstract   PDF
Geonho Hong
Vol 8 (2018) MFO Ptimized Fractional Order Based Controller on Power System Stability Abstract   PDF
Bidyadhar Rout, Bibhuti Bhusan Pati
Vol 3 (2016) Mitigating Initialization Bias in Transportation Modeling Applications Abstract   PDF
Wonho Suh
Vol 4 (2016) Multi-band Slot Antenna Abstract   PDF
Tsang-Yen Hsieh, Jyh-Liang Wang, Mei-Hui Wang
Vol 4 (2016) Nostril in RGB Imaginary by Using NI Vision LabVIEW Abstract   PDF
Hendrick Hendrick, Aripriharta Aripriharta, Siang-Kai Chen, Meng-Hsiung Tung, Ta-Chi Chiang, Gwo-Jia Jong
Vol 6 (2017) On the Analysis of Product Appropriateness Principles Abstract   PDF
Nien-Te Liu, Yu-Fen Wu
Vol 2 (2016) OPPA-AC: Optimal Path Planning based on Ant Colony Algorithm for Temporary Isolated Node in WSN Abstract   PDF
Aripriharta Aripriharta, Hendrick Hendrick, Thi Thuy Lieu Nguyen, Gwo-Jia Jong
Vol 2 (2016) Optical Design of Direct Projection Bicycle Light Abstract   PDF
Hsuan-Jung Tsai, Tsang-Yen Hsieh, Jyh-Liang Wang
Vol 3 (2016) Optimization of Coupler inlet for Planar Solar Concentrator Abstract   PDF
Tien-Hsiang Yu, Tun-Chien Teng
Vol 8 (2018) Performance Analysis of LMS Filter Using Barker and Chaotic Sequences for Radar Target Detection Abstract   PDF
Jami Venkata Suman
Vol 4 (2016) Performance Improvement of a Feedback Control System Using an Accelerometer-Enhanced Velocity Observer Abstract   PDF
Yu-Sheng Lu, Chung-Heng Lee
Vol 4 (2016) Photoluminescence Study of Hydrothermally Grown ZnO Nanostructures Abstract   PDF
Wei-You Chen, Jiunn-Chyi Lee, Hung-Pin Hsu, Ya-Fen Wu
Vol 7 (2017) Preliminary Study on a System for Visualization of Big Data in SMEs Abstract   PDF
Yasuo Uchida, Miao Xinyun, Seigo Matsuno, Yasushi Iha, Makoto Sakamoto
Vol 4 (2016) Proactive Management of Water Quality in Aquifer Storage Transfer and Recovery Abstract   PDF
Sang-Il Lee, Hyon Wook Ji
Vol 5 (2017) Pumped-Storage Scheduling Using Glowworm Swarm Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Po-Hung Chen
Vol 3 (2016) Recognition of Concurrent Control Chart Patterns in Autocorrelated Processes Using Support Vector Machine Abstract   PDF
Chau-Chen Torng, Chon-How Hwang
Vol 7 (2017) Reversible Data Hiding over Facebook Abstract   PDF
Ran Lyu, Jian-Tao Zhou, Wei-Wei Sun, Li Dong
Vol 7 (2017) Robust Algorithms for Regression Analysis Based on Fuzzy Objective Functions Abstract   PDF
Tai-Ning Yang, Chih-Jen Lee, Jenn-Dong Sun, Chun-Jung Chen
Vol 3 (2016) Security Enhancement on Reconfiguring Coded Wavelength with Tunable Wavelength Filter Array Triggered Chaotic Sequences Abstract   PDF
Yao-Tang Chang, Jen-Fa Huang, Yen-Chung Huang, Yan-Tai Liou
Vol 5 (2017) Segmented Compression Molding for Composite Manufacture Abstract   PDF
Chih-Yuan Chang
Vol 4 (2016) Spatial Analysis of Subway Ridership: Rainfall and Ridership Abstract   PDF
Kyoung-Seon Park, Sung-Hi An, Hyunmyung Kim, Chang-Hyeon Joh, Wonho Suh
Vol 4 (2016) Structural Analysis of Existing Multi-Speed Transmission Hubs of Bicycles Abstract   PDF
Yi-Chang Wu
Vol 7 (2017) Study of Alloy Springs with Magnetorheological Dampers for Vibration Isolator Device Abstract   PDF
Dyi-Cheng Chen
Vol 2 (2016) Study on the Wear Resistance of Sinter Alloying Steel by Deep Cryogenic Treatment Abstract   PDF
Chao-Hsu Cheng
Vol 2 (2016) Synthesis and Annealing Study of Silicon- and Fluorine-containing Low Bandgap Conjugated Polymers for Solar Cell Applications Abstract   PDF
Cheng-Hsien Wu, Cian-Hao Huang, Pei-Ni Song, Tzong-Liu Wang
Vol 1 (2015) The Application of Target Analysis in Electricity Demand-Side Management Abstract   PDF
Fung-Fei Chen, Seng-Cho Chou, Chiao-Yi Wang, Tai-Ken Lu
Vol 5 (2017) The Design and Implementation of Scrambling Wavelength Hopping with AWG Router and Optical Switch over Secure WDM Network Abstract   PDF
Yao-Tang Chang
Vol 6 (2017) The Development of a New Paper Pallet Machine Abstract   PDF
Chi-Wei Chen
Vol 7 (2017) The Influence of Density of the Materials and Body Mass Index on the Elderly’s Sleep Efficiency Abstract   PDF
Wichan Torobrum
Vol 4 (2016) The Innovative Design of Wheelchair with Lifting and Standing Functions Abstract   PDF
Long-Chang Hsieh, Tzu-Hsia Chen, Shih-Jie Wei
Vol 4 (2016) The Realization of Healthcare Combined with Bluetooth and NFC Technology Abstract   PDF
Jia-Shing Sheu, Ho-Nien Shou, Fa-Min Luo, Guan-Ci Zeng
Vol 2 (2016) The Sensor Collaboration Structure of Industrial 4.0 Abstract   PDF
Hao-Ting Lin
Vol 1 (2015) The Study of Crew Physical and Psychological Evaluation Model and Sports Intervention Method Abstract   PDF
Guo-Qing Li, Bin Zhang
Vol 8 (2018) The Study of Tibicos Fermentation Product as Pilot Model of Healthy Drinks Abstract   PDF
Hsiao-Han Liu, Bo-Shun Tu, Yew-Loom Chen, Heng-Long Wang
Vol 1 (2015) The study on the strategies of choosing music schools from the viewpoint of Kansei engineering Abstract   PDF
Tian-Wei Sheu, Ching-Tzu Chen, Jia-Tzer Hsu, Nagai Masatake
Vol 7 (2017) Traffic Safety Evaluation Based on Vision and Signal Timing Data Abstract   PDF
Won-Ho Suh, Jin-Woo Park, Jung-Ryul Kim
Vol 1 (2015) Using BPMN to Model a Patient Safety Promulgation Service Based on a Clinical Process Abstract   PDF
Way-Ren Huang, Ruo-Chia Tseng, Yung-Fu Hsu, Tso-Ying Lee, Woei-Chyn Chu
Vol 4 (2016) Using Ground-penetrating Radar to Promote the Investigating Efficiency in Mud Pumping Disaster of Railways Abstract   PDF
Chihping Kuo, Chihhao Hsu, Yenyu Chen, Chinwei Wu, Hongyi Wang, Dewei Chen, YiXuan Lin
Vol 7 (2017) Using Text Mining to Extract Issues for School: an Empirical Study of the Social Platform-Dcard Abstract   PDF
Shu-Fen Chiou, Hsin-Yi Wang, Jung-Wen Lo
Vol 3 (2016) Using Unsupervised Machine Learning to Detect Peer-to-Peer Botnet Flows Abstract   PDF
Andrea E. Medina Paredes, Yuan-Yuan Su, Wei Wu, Hung-Min Sun
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