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Vol 4 (2016) A Circuit Device of Detecting the Bearing Deflection Abstract   PDF
Chien-Yu Lu, Shuai-Feng Lin, Alvin Chang
Vol 1 (2015) A critical review into the evolution of Japanese Project Management: A comparative approach Abstract   PDF
Foon Siang Low, Heap Yih Chong
Vol 7 (2017) A Designed Enclosure Unit for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Abstract   PDF
Arayan Wongniyom, Jyh-Jian Chen
Vol 8 (2018) A Direct Lyapunov-Backstepping Approach for Stabilizing Gantry Systems with Flexible Cable Abstract   PDF
T. L. Nguyen, M. D. Duong, T. H. Do
Vol 3 (2016) A Fast Anticollision Algorithm with Early Adjustment of Frame Length for the EPCglobal UHF Class-1 Generation-2 RFID Standard Abstract   PDF
Wen-Tzu Chen
Vol 2 (2016) A Low-cost Design of Earthquake Detector with Rescue Message Deliver using Mobile Device Abstract   PDF
Chuen-Ching Wang, Gi-Hong Wei
Vol 6 (2017) A Study on the Burn Pattern Experiments in Structure Fire Abstract   PDF
Gi-Dong Song, Man-Sung Hur, Hyun-Joo Lee
Vol 1 (2015) A Study on the Mode of Introducing Independent Maintenance into Traditional Industries That Rely on Manual Work Abstract   PDF
Chi-Chih Shen
Vol 9 (2018) A Study on Unmanned Surface Vehicle Combined with Remotely Operated Vehicle System Abstract   PDF   HTML
Dong Wook Jung, Seung Min Hong, Jae heon Lee, Hyun Joon Cho, Hyeung Sik Choi, Mai The Vu
Vol 4 (2016) A Way to Introduce Innovative Approach in the Field of Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies in the Chinese Education System Abstract   PDF
Olivier Bonnaud, Lei Wei
Vol 3 (2016) A Wireless Sensor Network-Speech Recognition Scheme Using Deployments of Multiple Kinect Microphone Array-Sensors Abstract   PDF
Ing-Jr Ding, Shih-Kai Lin
Vol 4 (2016) Advertisement-Click Prediction Based on Mobile Big Data from HyXen AdLocus Abstract   PDF
Yu-Xiang Fei, Ji-Ying Chen, Shih-Hau Fang, Yu Tsao, Jen-Wei Huang, Bo-Wei Liang
Vol 1 (2015) An ACO-based Routing Algorithm for Multimedia CDN Networks Abstract   PDF
Jian-Bo Chen, Yui-Lin Wang
Vol 1 (2015) An Analysis of Managing Sustainable Competitiveness for Semiconductor Manufacturers Abstract   PDF
Hung-Chi Hsiao, Taketoshi Hibiya, Masaru Nakano, Yih-Lin Cheng, Hung-Ching Wen
Vol 8 (2018) An Intelligent Manufacturing System for Injection Molding Abstract   PDF
Wen-Chin Chen, Manh-Hung Nguyen, Pei-Hao Tai
Vol 6 (2017) Analysis of the Correlation between the Support Performance of Supported Business for the Regional Industry Abstract   PDF
Dong-Gu Lee, Je-Doo Ryu, Keon-Seok Nam, Kyoung-Nam Ha
Vol 6 (2017) Angular Velocity Analysis of an Epicyclic Gear Train Using Fundamental Circuits and a Block Diagram Abstract   PDF
Yi-Chang Wu, Mi-Ching Tsai
Vol 5 (2017) Application of Serious Game Model on Simulation Training for Decision Makings of Project Management Abstract   PDF
Hung-Ming Chen, Kai-Wei Wei
Vol 5 (2017) Applications of Thermal Images for Monitoring Surficial Temperature Changes of Naked Slope Abstract   PDF
Chien-Yuan Chen
Vol 8 (2018) Applying Project Management Perspective for ERP Implementation: A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Li-Man Liao, Ching-Jen Huang, Xiang-Yu Lin
Vol 3 (2016) Behavioural Assessment of Blood-Brain Barrier Opening Induced by Various Ultrasound Parameters Abstract   PDF
Feng-Yi Yang, Sheng-Fang Huang
Vol 4 (2016) Bending Resistance Capacity of Steel Pile Caps Strengthened with Perfobond Shear Connectors Abstract   PDF
Dae-Jin Kim, Young-Ho Kim
Vol 5 (2017) Causal Relationships among Factors Affecting the Buildability in Executing Construction Projects in Vietnam Abstract   PDF
Hai Pham, Soo-Yong Kim, Truong-Van Luu, Phu-Son Lam
Vol 6 (2017) Coal Fired Power Plant with Chemical Looping Combustion Abstract   PDF
Gajanan Dattarao Surywanshi, Venkata Suresh Patnaikuni
Vol 2 (2016) Color Stability Enhancement of White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Using a Charge Control Layer Abstract   PDF
Shui-Hsiang Su, Yu-Cheng Lin, Meiso Yokoyama
Vol 2 (2016) Combustion Synthesis of Mullite/Metal Boride Composites Abstract   PDF
Chun-Liang Yeh, Chi-Chian Chou, Che-Han Kang
Vol 8 (2018) Comparative Analysis of Performance of R600a and R510a Refrigerants in a Retrofitted Refrigerating System Abstract   PDF
Babatunde Emmanuel Olatunbosun, Francis Olusesi Borokinni
Vol 1 (2015) Credit Card Risk Assessment Using Artificial Neural Networks Abstract   PDF
Hsi-Chieh Lee, Chen-Chi Yu, Tzu-Miao Lin
Vol 3 (2016) Design of Slim LED Coupler for Collimated Light Source Abstract   PDF
Chun-Hao Sun, Tun-Chien Teng
Vol 4 (2016) Earth Dam Monitoring by Using Infrared Thermography Detection Abstract   PDF
Chien-Yuan Chen, Su-Chin Chen, Kuan-Hua Chen
Vol 4 (2016) Elementary School Teachers’ Conceptions of Teaching Mathematics with Digital Game-based Teaching Abstract   PDF
Shih-Hsuan Wei, Jinn-Min Yang
Vol 2 (2016) Experimental Study of Progressive Compression Method of Resin Delivery in Liquid Composite Molding Abstract   PDF
Chih-Yuan Chang, Wei-Ru Chen
Vol 3 (2016) Experimental Study of the Crack Control of Concrete by Self-healing of Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites Synthetic Fiber Abstract   PDF
Heesup Choi, Masumi Inoue, Takechi Ai, Tomoya Nishiwaki, Myungkwan Lim, Hyeonggil Choi
Vol 2 (2016) Fire Resistant Study for Long Span Beams Made of FR 490 Steels Abstract   PDF
In-Kyu Kwon
Vol 3 (2016) Flexible Macroblock Ordering Scramble Encryption Techniques for H.264/AVC Videos Abstract   PDF
Yih-Chuan Lin, Wei-Siang Wang, Yao-Tang Chang
Vol 6 (2017) Flow Analysis of Underwater Water Jet System Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Particle Image Velocimetry Abstract   PDF
Je-Doo Ryu, Kyoung-Nam Ha, Dong-Gu Lee, Keon-Seok Nam
Vol 9 (2018) Fresh Properties and Strength Development of Cement Mortar Using Nitrite-based Accelerator and Chemical Admixtures Abstract   PDF   HTML
Masumi Inoue, Heesup Choi, Yuhji Sudoh
Vol 3 (2016) Hybrid OFDM/OOK Modulations in OCDMA Scheme for Free Space Optics Abstract   PDF
Chih-Ta Yen, Chia-Yu Liu
Vol 2 (2016) Identifying Islamic Values in The Embodiment of Makassar Traditional Houses in Barombong Coastal Abstract   PDF
Mursyid Mustafa, Ananto Yudono, Ria Wikantari, Afifah Harisah
Vol 4 (2016) Improving the Weldability of Nickel-Based Superalloy by High Frequency Vibration Abstract   PDF
Ti-Yuan Wu, Ming-Tzer Lin, Weite Wu
Vol 9 (2018) Innovation for Education on Internet of Things Abstract   PDF   HTML
Olivier Bonnaud, Laurent Fesquet
Vol 1 (2015) Innovation Management in Services Industries: The Impacts of Innovative Capacity and Transformative Learning Abstract   PDF
Wen-Hai Chih, Ling-Chu Huang, Tsung-Ju Yang
Vol 5 (2017) Innovative Security Technology for Optical Fiber Data Transmission Using Optical Vortex Abstract   PDF
Marek Zyczkowski, Konrad Dominik Brewczynski, Mateusz Karol
Vol 6 (2017) Intelligent Wireless Remote Control System Design for a Biped Robot Abstract   PDF
Chih-Min Lin, Chih-Hsuan Chen
Vol 9 (2018) Long Pinions for Alternative Transmission Mechanizations Abstract   PDF   HTML
Madhusudan Raghavan
Vol 5 (2017) Long-term Structural Performance of Simplified Slab System with Steel Deck-plate and SFRC Abstract   PDF
Geonho Hong
Vol 9 (2018) Message-Efficient Route Planning Based on Comprehensive Real-time Traffic Map in VANETs Abstract   PDF   HTML
Chi-Fu Huang, Yi-Hong Chen
Vol 9 (2018) MF Integrator: A Module for Converting METAFONT into Outline Font Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ammar Ul Hassan, Jaeyoung Choi, Geunho Jeong
Vol 8 (2018) MFO Ptimized Fractional Order Based Controller on Power System Stability Abstract   PDF
Bidyadhar Rout, Bibhuti Bhusan Pati
Vol 3 (2016) Mitigating Initialization Bias in Transportation Modeling Applications Abstract   PDF
Wonho Suh
Vol 4 (2016) Multi-band Slot Antenna Abstract   PDF
Tsang-Yen Hsieh, Jyh-Liang Wang, Mei-Hui Wang
Vol 4 (2016) Nostril in RGB Imaginary by Using NI Vision LabVIEW Abstract   PDF
Hendrick Hendrick, Aripriharta Aripriharta, Siang-Kai Chen, Meng-Hsiung Tung, Ta-Chi Chiang, Gwo-Jia Jong
Vol 9 (2018) On a Touch-Activated Wearable Device with Automated Location Sending Capability Abstract   PDF   HTML
Conrad A Populi, Mary Emmanuelle Huela, John Paulo Ilagan, Cezarina Noble
Vol 6 (2017) On the Analysis of Product Appropriateness Principles Abstract   PDF
Nien-Te Liu, Yu-Fen Wu
Vol 2 (2016) OPPA-AC: Optimal Path Planning based on Ant Colony Algorithm for Temporary Isolated Node in WSN Abstract   PDF
Aripriharta Aripriharta, Hendrick Hendrick, Thi Thuy Lieu Nguyen, Gwo-Jia Jong
Vol 2 (2016) Optical Design of Direct Projection Bicycle Light Abstract   PDF
Hsuan-Jung Tsai, Tsang-Yen Hsieh, Jyh-Liang Wang
Vol 3 (2016) Optimization of Coupler inlet for Planar Solar Concentrator Abstract   PDF
Tien-Hsiang Yu, Tun-Chien Teng
Vol 8 (2018) Performance Analysis of LMS Filter Using Barker and Chaotic Sequences for Radar Target Detection Abstract   PDF
Jami Venkata Suman
Vol 4 (2016) Performance Improvement of a Feedback Control System Using an Accelerometer-Enhanced Velocity Observer Abstract   PDF
Yu-Sheng Lu, Chung-Heng Lee
Vol 4 (2016) Photoluminescence Study of Hydrothermally Grown ZnO Nanostructures Abstract   PDF
Wei-You Chen, Jiunn-Chyi Lee, Hung-Pin Hsu, Ya-Fen Wu
Vol 7 (2017) Preliminary Study on a System for Visualization of Big Data in SMEs Abstract   PDF
Yasuo Uchida, Miao Xinyun, Seigo Matsuno, Yasushi Iha, Makoto Sakamoto
Vol 4 (2016) Proactive Management of Water Quality in Aquifer Storage Transfer and Recovery Abstract   PDF
Sang-Il Lee, Hyon Wook Ji
Vol 5 (2017) Pumped-Storage Scheduling Using Glowworm Swarm Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Po-Hung Chen
Vol 3 (2016) Recognition of Concurrent Control Chart Patterns in Autocorrelated Processes Using Support Vector Machine Abstract   PDF
Chau-Chen Torng, Chon-How Hwang
Vol 7 (2017) Reversible Data Hiding over Facebook Abstract   PDF
Ran Lyu, Jian-Tao Zhou, Wei-Wei Sun, Li Dong
Vol 7 (2017) Robust Algorithms for Regression Analysis Based on Fuzzy Objective Functions Abstract   PDF
Tai-Ning Yang, Chih-Jen Lee, Jenn-Dong Sun, Chun-Jung Chen
Vol 3 (2016) Security Enhancement on Reconfiguring Coded Wavelength with Tunable Wavelength Filter Array Triggered Chaotic Sequences Abstract   PDF
Yao-Tang Chang, Jen-Fa Huang, Yen-Chung Huang, Yan-Tai Liou
Vol 5 (2017) Segmented Compression Molding for Composite Manufacture Abstract   PDF
Chih-Yuan Chang
Vol 4 (2016) Spatial Analysis of Subway Ridership: Rainfall and Ridership Abstract   PDF
Kyoung-Seon Park, Sung-Hi An, Hyunmyung Kim, Chang-Hyeon Joh, Wonho Suh
Vol 4 (2016) Structural Analysis of Existing Multi-Speed Transmission Hubs of Bicycles Abstract   PDF
Yi-Chang Wu
Vol 7 (2017) Study of Alloy Springs with Magnetorheological Dampers for Vibration Isolator Device Abstract   PDF
Dyi-Cheng Chen
Vol 2 (2016) Study on the Wear Resistance of Sinter Alloying Steel by Deep Cryogenic Treatment Abstract   PDF
Chao-Hsu Cheng
Vol 2 (2016) Synthesis and Annealing Study of Silicon- and Fluorine-containing Low Bandgap Conjugated Polymers for Solar Cell Applications Abstract   PDF
Cheng-Hsien Wu, Cian-Hao Huang, Pei-Ni Song, Tzong-Liu Wang
Vol 1 (2015) The Application of Target Analysis in Electricity Demand-Side Management Abstract   PDF
Fung-Fei Chen, Seng-Cho Chou, Chiao-Yi Wang, Tai-Ken Lu
Vol 5 (2017) The Design and Implementation of Scrambling Wavelength Hopping with AWG Router and Optical Switch over Secure WDM Network Abstract   PDF
Yao-Tang Chang
Vol 6 (2017) The Development of a New Paper Pallet Machine Abstract   PDF
Chi-Wei Chen
Vol 7 (2017) The Influence of Density of the Materials and Body Mass Index on the Elderly’s Sleep Efficiency Abstract   PDF
Wichan Torobrum
Vol 4 (2016) The Innovative Design of Wheelchair with Lifting and Standing Functions Abstract   PDF
Long-Chang Hsieh, Tzu-Hsia Chen, Shih-Jie Wei
Vol 4 (2016) The Realization of Healthcare Combined with Bluetooth and NFC Technology Abstract   PDF
Jia-Shing Sheu, Ho-Nien Shou, Fa-Min Luo, Guan-Ci Zeng
Vol 2 (2016) The Sensor Collaboration Structure of Industrial 4.0 Abstract   PDF
Hao-Ting Lin
Vol 1 (2015) The Study of Crew Physical and Psychological Evaluation Model and Sports Intervention Method Abstract   PDF
Guo-Qing Li, Bin Zhang
Vol 8 (2018) The Study of Tibicos Fermentation Product as Pilot Model of Healthy Drinks Abstract   PDF
Hsiao-Han Liu, Bo-Shun Tu, Yew-Loom Chen, Heng-Long Wang
Vol 1 (2015) The study on the strategies of choosing music schools from the viewpoint of Kansei engineering Abstract   PDF
Tian-Wei Sheu, Ching-Tzu Chen, Jia-Tzer Hsu, Nagai Masatake
Vol 7 (2017) Traffic Safety Evaluation Based on Vision and Signal Timing Data Abstract   PDF
Won-Ho Suh, Jin-Woo Park, Jung-Ryul Kim
Vol 1 (2015) Using BPMN to Model a Patient Safety Promulgation Service Based on a Clinical Process Abstract   PDF
Way-Ren Huang, Ruo-Chia Tseng, Yung-Fu Hsu, Tso-Ying Lee, Woei-Chyn Chu
Vol 4 (2016) Using Ground-penetrating Radar to Promote the Investigating Efficiency in Mud Pumping Disaster of Railways Abstract   PDF
Chihping Kuo, Chihhao Hsu, Yenyu Chen, Chinwei Wu, Hongyi Wang, Dewei Chen, YiXuan Lin
Vol 7 (2017) Using Text Mining to Extract Issues for School: an Empirical Study of the Social Platform-Dcard Abstract   PDF
Shu-Fen Chiou, Hsin-Yi Wang, Jung-Wen Lo
Vol 3 (2016) Using Unsupervised Machine Learning to Detect Peer-to-Peer Botnet Flows Abstract   PDF
Andrea E. Medina Paredes, Yuan-Yuan Su, Wei Wu, Hung-Min Sun
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