The Performance of Machine Learning for Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis


  • Tsehay Admassu Assegie Department of Computer Science, Injibara University, Injibara, Ethiopia
  • Yenework Belayneh Chekol Department of Information Technology, Injibara University, Injibara, Ethiopia



chronic kidney disease, machine learning, performance, scoping review


This paper aims to review the performance of different machine learning (ML) models and develop models for the automated diagnosis of chronic kidney disease. To detect chronic kidney disease with better precision, selecting the right and better-performing ML model is significant as it improves the precision and accuracy of the chronic kidney disease diagnosis. The study uses the Joana Briggs Institute (JBI) scoping review methodology, which involves different steps such as searching relevant literature, conducting the review, and reporting the review result. In the search, the year of publication and the indexing of journals where the studies are published is used as inclusion and exclusion criteria. The review result shows that the current chronic kidney disease detection has focused on the development of ensemble-based and deep-learning methods. The deep learning method can achieve a higher accuracy of 99.75%.


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