Call for Proceedings

Call for Proceedings

Conference organizers interested in making the proceedings of their conference available for an international readership are invited to publish their works with PETI. Organizing a conference is a huge challenge and having to publish its outcome definitely contributes to the workload.

PETI is now indexed by Google Scholar, ResearchBib,, OCLC/WorldCat etc. famous databases. and will submit the proceedings to major indexing systems, including INSPEC and CPCI (Conference Proceedings Citation Index) to be evaluated and included by them.

The following section provides further information for scholars who wish to publish their conference proceedings with PETI

Proceedings Publication Proposal

If you wish PETI to publish your conference proceedings, you are requested to submit a Proceedings Publication Proposal. The following information should be included in the proposal:


• Conference title (in full and acronym), date, location, and website (URL)

•The type(s) of media (Print or Online) in which you wish the proceedings to be produced

• Estimated number of the proceedings, papers, and pages

• Title, name, contact, position, and affiliation of the Editor(s)

• Tentative schedule for submission, review and publication of the proceedings


Please submit your proposal to PETI via

After you have submitted your proposal, you will receive a confirmation email, and then your proposal will be reviewed by the respective panel who will contact you subsequently to discuss your proposal.

The basic rules that PETI follows for publishing proceedings are as follows:

• At the beginning of the contract, a proceeding publication agreement will be signed between the editor(s) and PETI.

• All the documents must be electronically submitted to PETI.

• In order to ensure its high quality, the conference should have a skilled technical program committee with academic qualifications.

• To ensure the high scientific standard of the papers, they must all be peer-reviewed before acceptance.

• Authors should follow the guideline and the template of PETI at

• Authors must transfer their copyright to PETI.

• PETI will submit the proceedings to major indexing systems, including INSPEC and CPCI(Conference Proceedings Citation Index) to be evaluated and included in them.

• An English proofing will be charged if an additional language editing is needed.


A proceedings less than 30 papers(minimum 10 papers) is free of charge(An English proofing fee may be charged if not meet the general requirements of a journal paper). A fee of USD$20.00/per paper, electronic version only, will be charged for a Proceedings(more than 30 papers). That is, if there are 50 papers in the proceedings, the total cost will be USD$400.00[(50-30)*20] fee. Editors or authors who wish to order a hardcopy of the proceedings are requested to send email to PETI at

When the final version of the proceedings is accepted, the papers typeset in the PETI format and followed the reference format, together with copyright agreement forms, should be emailed to PETI at