Pumped-Storage Scheduling Using Glowworm Swarm Algorithm


  • Po-Hung Chen Department of Electrical Engineering, St. John's University, Taiwan


pumped-storage, glowworm swarm algorithm, hydro-thermal iteration


This paper presents new solution methods and results based on a glowworm swarm algorithm for solving the 24-hour pumped-storage generation scheduling problem. Complete solution algorithms and encoding/decoding techniques are proposed in the paper. The optimal schedules of both pumped-storage and thermal units are concurrently obtained within the evolutionary process of evaluation functions. Significantly, no hydro-thermal iteration is needed. The proposed approach is applied with success to an actual utility system, which consists of four pumped-storage units and 34 thermal units. The results indicate the attractive properties of the glowworm swarm algorithm in practical application, namely, a highly optimal solution cost and more robust convergence behaviour.


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