Development of a Chaff Dispense Program for Target Tracking Radar Deception


  • Min-Joon Choi Avionics Software Development Center, Republic of Korea Air Force, Seosan-Si, Korea
  • Je-Hong Park Department of Avionics Engineering, Hanseo University, Seosan-Si, Korea
  • Min-Seok Jie Department of Avionics Engineering, Hanseo University, Seosan-Si, Korea
  • Won-Hyuk Choi Department of Avionics Engineering, Hanseo University, Seosan-Si, Korea



chaff, TTR, chaff dispense program, electronic warfare, TESS


This study aims to develop an appropriate chaff dispensing program to deceive the target tracking radar (TTR) effectively. Chaff is a countermeasure commonly used by fighter aircraft to deceive TTR. However, there has been a lack of methodology for calculating chaff dispense programs that take into account the specific characteristics of the fighter, chaff, and TTR. This study proposes a methodology that considers these variables to calculate chaff dispense programs and addresses this gap. The proposed method is demonstrated through TESS engagement, which shows its effectiveness in various engagement situations.


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Min-Joon Choi, Je-Hong Park, Min-Seok Jie, and Won-Hyuk Choi, “Development of a Chaff Dispense Program for Target Tracking Radar Deception”, Proc. eng. technol. innov., vol. 24, pp. 22–28, Apr. 2023.