Advertisement-Click Prediction Based on Mobile Big Data from HyXen AdLocus


  • Yu-Xiang Fei
  • Ji-Ying Chen
  • Shih-Hau Fang
  • Yu Tsao
  • Jen-Wei Huang
  • Bo-Wei Liang


advertisement-click prediction, mobile devices, audience targeting


The popularity of Internet has made advertisement marketing gone virtualized and location-based mobile advertising successful in recent years. Adlocus, an APP developed by HyXen Technology, is one good example to achieve this. This advertising software can tailor to the campaign needs and target users within a diameter of 1 km. However, the question is that is it possible to predict whether the user is willing to click on the advertisement. This paper adopts many ways to analyze how these relations influence in different kinds of mobile advertisement. A comprehensive performance comparison of different models is provided, and the analysis of different factors is also discussed, including click time, advertisement category, language, and mobile phone manufacturers.


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Y.-X. Fei, J.-Y. Chen, S.-H. Fang, Y. Tsao, J.-W. Huang, and B.-W. Liang, “Advertisement-Click Prediction Based on Mobile Big Data from HyXen AdLocus”, Proc. eng. technol. innov., vol. 4, pp. 28–30, Oct. 2016.