Structural Analysis of Existing Multi-Speed Transmission Hubs of Bicycles

  • Yi-Chang Wu
Keywords: structural analysis, multi-speed, transmission hub, bicycle


This paper presents the analysis of topological structure of multi-speed transmission hubs for bicycles. Three existing transmission hubs with 8-speed, 11-speed and 12-speed are introduced. The topological structure of each gear mechanism, which is the main body of a transmission hub, is analyzed. The degrees-of-freedom (DOF) of the transmission hub is calculated by the Kutzbach’s equation. The related clutching sequence table for each transmission hub is also listed.


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Y.-C. Wu, “Structural Analysis of Existing Multi-Speed Transmission Hubs of Bicycles”, Proc. eng. technol. innov., vol. 4, pp. 43-45, Oct. 2016.