The Application of Target Analysis in Electricity Demand-Side Management


  • Fung-Fei Chen
  • Seng-Cho Chou
  • Chiao-Yi Wang
  • Tai-Ken Lu


target analysis, data mining, association rule, electricity demand-side management


Recently, target analysis combined with database technology and data mining has been widely used in industries such as marketing, finance, insurance, telecommunications, advertising, and e-commerce. Because of the unique complexities of user behavior in electricity demand, examples of target analysis applications have yet to be seen. Considering the industry’s urgent need to enhance the efficiency of electricity demand-side management, this study aims to build a mining analysis model for potential target users of interruptible load that both fully reflects consumer behavior characteristics and serves as a rule for static comparisons. The results of a data mining analysis of the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower)’s interruptible loads 1 to 6 show that the number of potential target users is 1669, which is 21% of the original mining population. Additionally, the target users who were classified to have “the most potential” for all categories of interruptible load only accounted for 0.76% of the total mining population (= 59/7814), verifying the mining effects.


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