Path Control iRobot Create2 Based Sensors


  • Narong Aphiratsakun Department of Mechatronic Engineering, Assumption University, Samut Prakan, Thailand
  • Santi Liwsakphaiboon Department of Computer Engineering, Assumption University, Samut Prakan, Thailand



arduino, coding, control, iRobot create2, sensors


Robots become a part of humans’ daily lives. They work faster, more accurate, and tireless compared to humans. As technology developes, robots are more capable of serving people in more tasks than before. The objective of this study is to explain the methodology of controlling iRobot Create2 by using Arduino Uno to command iRobot Create2 to use operation codes. Instead of using a brute-force way to control the robot motion by commands, which may cause the whole path to go wrong if only one command is deflected. However, with the sensors, the robot can adjust the direction path despite the deviation. The Arduino Uno communicates with iRobot through the serial communication using SoftwareSerial. Arduino requests a sensors data from iRobot and calculates deviations in order to adjust the path. The study includes the general knowledge of Arduino control iRobot Create2 based on the robot’s sensors and the detailed process of completing the first round of iRobot Competition.


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N. Aphiratsakun and S. Liwsakphaiboon, “Path Control iRobot Create2 Based Sensors”, Proc. eng. technol. innov., vol. 16, pp. 45–51, Aug. 2020.