The Development of a New Paper Pallet Machine


  • Chi-Wei Chen Department of Marketing and Distribution Management, Tajen University, Taiwan, ROC


paper pallet design, paper pallet machine, air cargo transportation, supply chain management, logistics management


In modern industry world, logistics plays an import role of enhancing the efficiency of shipping goods by use of pallets. The shipping pallets used in modern industry sites are generally made of metal, plastic, wood, or paper. Among them, the wood pallet is used most often by many firms because of low manufacturing cost. However, a wood pallet is not the best shipping selection by use in the area of air cargo transportation because of its weight and from the perspective of environmental preservation. Thus, for air cargo transportation, paper pallet is a better shipping selection because of its light weight advantage and also a good shipping tool for upgrading the competitiveness ofTaiwan’s electronic industry by reducing its air cargo shipping cost. In current paper pallet manufacturing machine requires many workers to work with and also generates many wasted papers, which is not a good way from the perspective of reducing cost and environmental preservation. A new manufacturing approach was thus proposed and a new machine was also designed to manufacture the newly designed paper pallet. The new paper pallet design was successfully implemented and the new prototype machine was also successfully developed. At least 20% of paper was saved comparing to the same size of paper pallet made by the current best existing paper pallet machine. And the workers used in new manufacturing process of making paper pallet were also reduced at least 10 workers comparing to the process of current existing paper pallet manufacturing machine.

Author Biography

Chi-Wei Chen, Department of Marketing and Distribution Management, Tajen University, Taiwan, ROC

Department of Marketing and Logistics Management



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