Reliability Study of GaN-on-SiC HEMT RF Power Amplifiers


  • M. Bakowski RISE Acreo AB, Sweden
  • J. Lang SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden
  • J-K. Lim RISE Acreo AB, Sweden
  • J. Hellén Saab AB, Sweden
  • T.M.J. Nilsson Saab AB, Sweden
  • B. Schodt SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Denmark
  • R. Poder SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Denmark
  • I. Belov Jönköping University, School of Engineering, Sweden
  • P. Leisner SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden


GaN-on SiC, HEMT, RF power amplifier, thermo-mechanical and electrical reliability


The RF power amplifier demonstrators containing each one GaN-on-SiC, HEMT, CHZ015A-QEG, from UMS in SMD quad-flat no-leads package (QFN) were subjected to thermal cycles (TC) and power cycles (PC) and evaluated electrically, thermally and structurally. Two types of solders, Sn63Pb36Ag2 and lead-free SnAgCu (SAC305), and two types of TIM materials, NanoTIM and TgonTM 805, for PCB attachment to the liquid cold plate were tested for thermo-mechanical reliability. Changes in the electrical performance of the devices, namely the reduction of the current saturation value, threshold voltage shift, increase of the leakage current and degradation of the HF performance were observed as a result of an accumulated current stress during PC. No significant changes in the investigated solder or TIM materials were observed.


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