Q: Is there any publication charge?

A: Yes! For the submission after June 20, 2023, an article processing charge (APC) should be paid once the manuscript has been accepted.


   Article Processing Charge

International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation

   15000 NTD / 500 USD

   (9000 NTD / 250 USD, Aug. 15-Dec. 31, 2023)

Advances in Technology Innovation

   6000 NTD / 200 USD

Proceedings of Engineering and Technology Innovation

   6000 NTD / 200 USD

Emerging Science Innovation


Q: How long does the review time take from the manuscript submission?

A: All papers published in AITI will be reviewed by external anonymous reviewers.
     The usual review time is approximately 2 months after the submission has entered the review process.  Inquiries about the review status within 2 months will not be responded to.

Q: What is the publication time if the manuscript is accepted to the Journal?
A: Usually, 1-6 months after the acceptance.

Q: Where to submit a manuscript?
A: Go to http://ojs.imeti.org/index.php/AITI/about/submissions.

Q: How to format a manuscript?
A: Go to http://ojs.imeti.org/index.php/AITI/about/submissions, submissions that do not strictly follow the authors' instructions will be directly rejected without re-submission.