Implementation of Adaptive Embedded Controller for a Temperature Process

  • J. Satheesh Kumar Department of Electronics and Instrumentation, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, India
  • Deepu Sankar Department of Electronics and Instrumentation, Karunya University, India
Keywords: embedded, control, MATLAB, Simulink, MRAC


The paper proposed and carried out an adaptive embedded control strategy with the help of Arduino open hardware platform. The proposed control strategy is to carry out a cost-effective interface between the simulation software and a real-time process. The data acquisition and control is done with the help of Arduino Uno which has been interfaced with MATLAB Simulink The control algorithms developed in Simulink model can be downloaded into the Arduino Uno, working as a standalone controller. In this paper, various control algorithms are used to control the temperature process, including embedded Modified Model Reference Adaptive Control (MMRAC). Its performance is compared to other control algorithms. The result shows that the MMRAC scheme improves the transient performance of the temperature control system.


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