Tribological Aspects Affecting Surface Durability of Tooth-Sum Altered Spur Gears: A Load Sharing Approach


  • Avil Allwyn Dsa Department of Mechanical Engineering, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Goa, India
  • Joseph Gonsalvis Research Advisor, Mechanical Engineering, St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore, India



altered tooth-sum gear, wear, lubrication, oil film, specific sliding


The performance of tooth-sum altered (ATS) gears is determined by the factors influenced by their profile geometry. This study aims to explore the influence of gear geometry modification on tribological aspects that affect surface wear in ATS spur gears. A computer code is developed to simulate surface wear numerically, using Archard's wear model, Greenwood-Williamson micro-asperity contact model, and Johnson’s load-sharing approach. The outcomes of the study indicate that the low contact ratio ATS gears promote the formation of thick oil film owing to reduced specific sliding and increased speed. However, high contact ratio ATS gears create unfavorable operating conditions resulting in extreme boundary lubrication. The effectiveness of lubricant oil film in reducing wear in ATS gears is associated with its modified profile, sliding velocities, load bearing, operating temperature, and oil viscosity.


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