Analysis of the Correlation Between the Support Performance of Supported Business for the Regional Industry

  • Dong-Gu Lee Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea
  • Je-Doo Ryu Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea
  • Keon-Seok Nam Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea
  • Kyoung-Nam Ha Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea
Keywords: supported business for the regional industry, correlation analysis, intelligent, mechanical parts


Reflecting the conditions and characteristics of Korea, the region's main industry is being developed to expand new job creation in the region and enhance the competitiveness of local industries. The local main business is supported to 63 main industries selected by region. The main industries in Busan include digital contents, intelligent machine parts, super precision convergence parts, mold heat treatment, and bio-health. In this study, the main industries of Busan region in 2016 conducted an analysis on the companies that support the intelligent machine parts industry. For the analysis, we collected data on the sales of supported companies, sales after business support, and employment growth. The analysis tool utilized IBM SPSS statistics 18. As a result, we confirmed the relationship between employment and sales according to support business programs. Based on the results of this study, it will be helpful for the task performing organization to identify the direction of the support program and the needs of the enterprise.


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D.-G. Lee, J.-D. Ryu, K.-S. Nam, and K.-N. Ha, “Analysis of the Correlation Between the Support Performance of Supported Business for the Regional Industry”, Proc. eng. technol. innov., vol. 6, pp. 32-35, Sep. 2017.