OPPA-AC: Optimal Path Planning based on Ant Colony Algorithm for Temporary Isolated Node in WSN


  • Aripriharta Aripriharta
  • Hendrick Hendrick
  • Thi Thuy Lieu Nguyen
  • Gwo-Jia Jong


temporary isolated node, ant colony, OPP-AC, WSN


In real wireless sensor network application (WSN), several nodes may suffer from link failure problem. Link failure is a problem that may exist in the presence of obstacles which blocked the wireless connection between nodes. While the link between nodes is blocked, the node will be temporary isolated from the cluster; thus, their data will not reach the destination node. The temporary node isolation problem becomes more challenging if the data should be arrived on time. The traditional clustering algorithm (LEACH) is not considered the temporary isolated node, which cause longer waiting time for data delivery in certain rounds. In order to solve this problem, we proposed the ant colony-based optimal path planning algorithm (OPPA-AC). The OPP-AC was improved the LEACH algorithm by providing alternative path for temporary isolated nodes and guarantee their data arrived in the destination. Based on the experimental result, the OPP-AC surpassed the traditional algorithm in term of waiting time.


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A. Aripriharta, H. Hendrick, T. T. L. Nguyen, and G.-J. Jong, “OPPA-AC: Optimal Path Planning based on Ant Colony Algorithm for Temporary Isolated Node in WSN”, Proc. eng. technol. innov., vol. 2, pp. 26–27, Jun. 2016.




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