Nostril in RGB Imaginary by Using NI Vision LabVIEW


  • Hendrick Hendrick
  • Aripriharta Aripriharta
  • Siang-Kai Chen
  • Meng-Hsiung Tung
  • Ta-Chi Chiang
  • Gwo-Jia Jong


breath function, thermal image, face detection, nostril


Monitoring of breath function is needed for medical science to evaluate condition of patient for some diseases. The patient will be observed continuously on face (nostril). Face recognition is the most important stage to localize the measurement. Because of that need, thermal image is used to record changing temperature on patient face. Thermal image has two type image, gray and RGB image. In this paper, we used RGB image as the raw data and trying to find face, eye and, nostril as breathing indicator. We divided the nostril recognition in three main steps: eyes detection, calculate the center of mass between two eyes, measured the center of mass distance to nose, get nostril location. We applied image processing algorithm such as gray image, binary image and template matching. All those algorithm are programmed in NI Vision LabVIEW. The distance between subject and camera is fixed in 1 meter. The experimental result showed that nostril always detected even though the subjects have some movements during measurement. 


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How to Cite

H. Hendrick, A. Aripriharta, S.-K. Chen, M.-H. Tung, T.-C. Chiang, and G.-J. Jong, “Nostril in RGB Imaginary by Using NI Vision LabVIEW”, Proc. eng. technol. innov., vol. 4, pp. 37–39, Oct. 2016.




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