A Fast Anticollision Algorithm with Early Adjustment of Frame Length for the EPCglobal UHF Class-1 Generation-2 RFID Standard


  • Wen-Tzu Chen


RFID, tag identification, logistic management, read efficiency, anti-collision algorithm


This paper develops a fast algorithm to identify a large number of tags in a short period of time duration in RFID systems. The main goal of the proposed algorithm is to meet the requirement in supply chain management. In this paper, we derive mathematical model to analyze the tag identify process. Based on the analysis, we can decide the optimal frame length and when the current read round is early ended. We find that the optimal frame length should be set to 1.72 times of the number of tags when the ratio between collision-slot duration and empty-slot duration is 4. Through the use of early adjustment of frame length, the RFID interrogator examines the fitness of frame lemgth only at three time slots in each read round. The primary advantage of our algorithm is the ability to achieve a good compromise between throughput performance and computation complexity.


EPCglobal, EPC radio-frequency identity protocols class-1 generation-2 UHF RFID protocol for communications at 860 MHz-960 MHz, version 1.2.0, Oct. 2008.

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