Introduction to the First Issue


  • Wen-Hsiang Hsieh




On behalf of the Editorial Board, I am delighted to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation (IJETI), published by the Taiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation (TAETI). IJETI is an international, multidiscipline, peer-reviewed scholarly journal, published quarterly for researchers, developers, technical managers, and educators in the field of engineering and technology innovation. The journal is intended as an outlet for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments with the community.

    It is a great pleasure and honor to include in the first issue of IJETI, six papers written by leading researchers in the field. We would like to thank all these authors for their wonderful papers that we have selected for the first issue, and we also believe that they will make this into a valuable source for researchers and practitioners.

    IJETI is now accepting submissions from perspective authors to be considered for publication and included in the future issues of the journal. Articles of original research, reports, reviews, and commentaries are welcomed by IJETI. For more information about the journal or the submission process, please visit the Journals page.

    The efforts of many people have made this journal possible. First, I must acknowledge the assistance of the editorial board. They have helped to define the role of the journal, the review process, the format, and, in many cases, the content of the journal. Next, special thanks are given to the reviewers who are doing an amazing job by their timely and comprehensive reviews. Finally, I must acknowledge the staffs of the editorial office, who have worked for so many months to compile this first issue and complete the website.




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