FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is there any publication charge?
A: No! However, if the English of the manuscript does not reach the level of a journal paper, the authors will be asked
     to seek professional English editing and provide its certificate.

Q: How long does the review time take from the manuscript submission?
A: All papers published in IJETI will be reviewed by external anonymous reviewers.

     The usual review time is approximately 2 months after the submission entering the review process. Inquiries about the review status within 2 months will not be responded to.

Q: What is the publication time if the manuscript is accepted to the Journal?
A: Usually, 3-6 months after the acceptance.

Q: Where to submit a manuscript?
A: Go to http://ijeti.imeti.org/AuthorsInstruction.html.

Q: How to format a manuscript?
A: Go to http://ijeti.imeti.org/AuthorsInstruction.html, submissions that do not strictly follow the authors' instructions
     will be directly rejected without re-submission.