Durability Study of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete


  • Srinivasa Rao Naraganti Department of Civil Engineering, JB Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, India




polypropylene, sisal, fiber reinforced concrete, durability


Sisal has been reported as one of the promising fibers for cement composite applications. The durability of sisal fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) and steel sisal fiber reinforced concrete (SSFRC) have not been reported. Water absorption, rapid chloride permeability, and acid attack tests are conducted on fibrous cement composites. Steel, polypropylene, and sisal fibers with a total volume of 0.50%, 1.00%, 1.25%, and 1.50% were used. Sisal at a content of 1.50% in SFRC increases the water absorption by 76%, but it is reduced to 30% for SSFRC with 0.2% of sisal content. SFRC and SSFRC show the increased permeability of 1.69% and 2.09% respectively. SFRC experiences the highest volume loss of 6.52%. SSFRC illustrates the resistance to the mass loss and compressive strength loss. In conclusion, untreated sisal in any form is found to be not advantageous for durable fibrous concrete structures.


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