Numerical Investigation of Film Cooling from Two Rows of Holes with Anti-Vortex Holes Attached to the Upstream Row


  • Mostafa Abdelmohimen Hussien Abdelmohime


Film Cooling, Two rows, Anti-Vortex, CFD


Computational analysis of film cooling effectiveness from two rows of holes inclined with 30o on a flat surface in case of in-line and staggered arrangements has been carried out. The upstream row is supplemented with anti-vortex holes. The addition of anti-vortex holes is presented as a new technique depends on adding two cylindrical holes branching out from the main holes. Three different positions of anti-vortex holes are studied with three different values of velocity ratios. The study is carried out using realizable k-ϵ model in FLUENT commercial code. The numerical model is verified by comparing a single row of film cooling holes results with available experimental works in literature. The results ensure that the staggered arrangement gives higher film cooling effectiveness than the in-line one for all studied velocity ratios. The use of anti-vortex holes increases the film cooling effectiveness. The position of anti-vortex holes shows a significant effect, especially with high velocity ratios.


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