Image Compression Using Permanent Neural Networks for Predicting Compact Discrete Cosine Transform Coefficients


  • Saleh Alshehri Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jubail University College, Saudi Arabia



image compression, discrete cosine transform, neural networks


This study proposes a new image compression technique that produces a high compression ratio yet consumes low execution times. Since many of the current image compression algorithms consume high execution times, this technique speeds up the execution time of image compression. The technique is based on permanent neural networks to predict the discrete cosine transform partial coefficients. This can eliminate the need to generate the discrete cosine transformation every time an image is compressed. A compression ratio of 94% is achieved while the average decompressed image peak signal to noise ratio and structure similarity image measure are 22.25 and 0.65 respectively. The compression time can be neglected when compared to other reported techniques because the only needed process in the compression stage is to use the generated neural network model to predict the few discrete cosine transform coefficients.


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