Applications of Health Management Using Android and RFID


  • Young-Long Chen
  • Xiao-Zhu Shi


RFID, Android, health management


Health management has become increasingly important in personal health care in modern life. The system we have designed, which provides a method to help facilitate health management through an associated smart phone with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which is a new type of application. This system consists of medical knowledge and health management. In the application of medical knowledge, we use the human model as well as the operation of RFID to obtain medical knowledge concerning human organs. The two main functions of the health management system are medication reminders and drug identification. The feature of medication reminders allows users to set the time for taking medication so that patients do not miss taking their medication. The feature of drug identification allows the operators to identify the drugs and can let the users know who needs to take drugs. In addition, we have designed a web page that allows users to understand their health status.


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