Development of Solar Desalination Units Using Solar Concentrators or/and Internal Reflectors


  • Mokhtar Mohammed National School of Arts and Professions, High National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco
  • Taha Janan Mourad National School of Arts and Professions, High National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco



desalination, solar distiller, internal reflector, solar concentration


Solar distillation is one of the oldest and simplest technologies for desalination of salty water using renewable energy, namely solar energy, and the main problem of solar distillers is the low freshwater yield in contrast to the amount of energy input from the sun. To overcome the problem, this study develops three solar desalination units by using solar concentrators or/and internal reflectors, and compares the performance of three developed systems with the one of a conventional solar distiller under the climatic conditions of the Rabat region of Morocco. The three systems are: the solar distiller with a solar concentrator, the solar distiller with internal reflectors, and the solar distiller with a solar concentrator and internal reflectors. The energy balance equations of the systems are numerically resolved to utilize MATLAB software. The findings indicate that the utilization of the internal reflectors, the solar concentrator, and the solar concentrator and internal reflectors give better performance compared to the conventional solar distiller.


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