Ultrasonic Measurement for the Experimental Investigation of Velocity Distribution in Vapor-Liquid Boiling Bubbly Flow


  • Wongsakorn Wongsaroj Department of Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Hideharu Takahashi Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
  • Natee Thong-Un Department of Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Hiroshige Kikura Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan




ultrasonic, velocity, boiling, vapor, bubbly


This study proposes an ultrasonic velocity profiler (UVP) with a single ultrasonic gas-liquid two-phase separation (SUTS) technique to measure the velocity distribution of vapor-liquid boiling bubbly flow. The proposed technique is capable of measuring the velocity of the vapor bubble and liquid separately in boiling conditions. To confirm the viability of the measurement technique, the experiment is conducted on vertical pipe flow apparatus. The ultrasonic transmission and effect of ultrasonic refraction through the pipe wall and water are investigated at ambient temperature until subcooled boiling temperature is reached. The velocity profile in the water at elevated temperature is measured to verify the ability of the technique in this application. The bubbly flow velocity distribution measurement in boiling conditions is then demonstrated. The results show that the proposed technique can effectively investigate the velocity of both phases under various fluid conditions in boiling bubbly flow.


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