Position Control and Novel Application of SCARA Robot with Vision System


  • Hsiang-Chen Hsu
  • Li-Ming Chu
  • Zong-Kun Wang
  • Shu-Chi Tsao


SCARA, pick-and-place, forward and inverse kinematics, vision system


In this paper, a SCARA robot arm with vision system has been developed to improve the accuracy of pick-and-place the surface mount device (SMD) on PCB during surface mount process. Position of the SCARA robot can be controlled by using coordinate auto-compensation technique. Robotic movement and position control are auto-calculated based on forward and inverse kinematics with enhanced the intelligent image vision system. The determined x-y position and rotation angle can then be applied to the desired pick & place location for the SCARA robot. A series of experiments has been conducted to improve the accuracy of pick-and-place SMDs on PCB.


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H.-C. Hsu, L.-M. Chu, Z.-K. Wang, and S.-C. Tsao, “Position Control and Novel Application of SCARA Robot with Vision System”, Adv. technol. innov., vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 40–45, Jun. 2017.