Limiting Reinforcement Ratios for Hybrid GFRP/Steel Reinforced Concrete Beams


  • Duy Phan Nguyen Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mientrung University of Civil Engineering, Phuyen, Vietnam
  • Viet Quoc Dang Faculty of bridge and road construction, Mientrung University of Civil Engineering, Phuyen, Vietnam



GFRP, hybrid reinforcement, reinforcement ratio


In this work, a theoretical approach is proposed for estimating the minimum and maximum reinforcement ratios for hybrid glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP)/steel-reinforced concrete beams to prevent sudden and brittle failure as well as the compression failure of concrete before the tension failure of reinforcements. Equilibrium equations were used to develop a method for determining the minimum hybrid GFRP/steel reinforcement ratio. A method for determining the maximum hybrid GFRP/steel reinforcement ratio was also developed based on the equilibrium of forces of the balanced failure mode. For estimating the load-carrying capacity of concrete beams reinforced with hybrid GFRP/steel, less than the minimum and more than the maximum reinforcement ratio is recommended. Comparisons between the proposed expressions, experimental data, and available test results in the literature shows good agreement between the theoretical and experimental data, with a maximum discrepancy of 7%.


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